How to start?

All categories can be done individually or combined to reach our MOQ.

We strongly recommend that all startups use our existing product catalog, which will make your brand launch very easy.

Also, for each product, we provide two services:

  1. The design is the fastest, easiest, and most economical. Choose your favorite works in our product catalog, put your labels and packaging on them, and they are ready for sale! Every year we conduct extensive research on activewear and develop products for fashion trends and corresponding seasons. You can mix and match any style. You can even combine them with custom designs to enrich your activewear product line.
  2. Customized design

You provide your ideas or Photo Sample, patterns, and sizes, which contain clear instructions on how to start and what you need. We make samples according to your requirements.

  1. Mix and match

Combine some of our designs with your designs.

We hope this helps! We are here to modernize the manufacturing industry-we look forward to making these advancements with you.

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