How about the proofing details of Xinfu Activewear Factory?

How about the proofing details of Xinfu Activewear Factory?

In order to ensure the rapid start of sportswear production, samples must be prepared​​。

1. The specific process for making samples are as follows

A. Confirmation of design, size and logo.

B. Choose the fabric. Take a photo of the color card or send the color card to confirm the fabric and color.

C. Make patterns. If necessary, customers can provide their own detailed dimensions.

D. Buy cloth. Customers can request to confirm the pattern cloth.

E. Cutting cloth and printing or embroidery.

F. After the printed or embroidered piece comes back, take a photo to the customer for confirmation.

G. The samples are sewn and mailed after taking pictures and confirming that they are correct. It takes about 12-15 days.

2.About the sample

A.Catalogue sample

To confirm the quality, you can contact us to select a design from our catalog or customize your own design.

B.Customize my own design

Customers can fully customize yoga clothes, including design, color, logo, size and various accessories. You can even choose the fabric according to your needs. If customers need to develop new fabrics, we will try our best to help find them.

C.Sample policy

However, when each order exceeds 200 pieces, a sample fee can be refunded.

D.Sample price

The cost of blank and solid color samples is as follows:

US$40/piece: vest, T-shirt

US$70/piece: sports bra, pants (leggings, sports pants, shorts)

$90/piece: hoodie, jacket

In order to thank you for your support, if you want to make your own brand samples, we give you an 80% discount. Sample embroidery is free. Additional charges apply for logo printing, digital printing, and fabric matching. The specific charge depends on the design, please contact us.

3. What if the sample is not satisfactory?

We will redo the sample if we did not follow your specifications. But If there is a problem with the size, design or other aspects provided by the customer, we will also help to correct it.

4. Why can’t the sample achieve satisfactory results?

When the sample is unsatisfactory, we will analyze the specific reasons

A. Whether the design is suitable. According to the characteristics of the fabric, provide a more suitable design to avoid quality problems.

B. Whether the fabric is suitable, different types of fabrics often have different characteristics and show different effects.

C. Whether the size is appropriate. Different sizes of fabric thickness need to be adjusted appropriately to achieve the best results.

5. Details of activewear fabrics:

A. Soft fabrics: Soft fabrics are generally lighter, with good drape, smooth lines and natural clothing contours. Soft fabrics generally include knitted fabrics and silk fabrics, as well as soft fine linen fabrics.

B. Refreshing fabric: Refreshing fabric has clear lines and a sense of volume. They can form a rich clothing outline. Common fabrics are cotton, polyester cotton, corduroy and ugly linen. This fabric can be used to highlight the accuracy of fashion design. For example, the design of a suit.

C. Glossy fabric: The surface is smooth, can reflect bright light, and has a shiny feeling. These fabrics include satin fabrics, which are usually used in evening dresses and performance costumes.

D. Transparent fabric: The transparent fabric is light and delicate in texture and has an elegant and mysterious artistic effect.

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