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Xinfuactivewear was established in 2009. We are a professional private label activewear manufacturer and supplier, providing men and women wholesale gym wear, wholesale fitness clothing, custom sports bras, custom yoga leggings pants, wholesale biker shorts, and other related products.

We are a professional manufacturer of private label activewear and fitness clothing. We have a strong design team and sample development technology. Boasts our years of experience in OEM & ODM services for international customers. We can offer one-stop customized services, including pattern-making, sample-making, logos, labels, and packing.

We have an experienced management team and strong sample development skills. To keep a high quality of products, we are strictly following the relevant quality procedures and carrying out national and industrial regulations. From raw materials to packing, each link is inspected by QC staff to implement quality standards to ensure the excellent quality of products…



Because we understand that high-quality products are our pursuit

10 Years of Experience

The sportswear manufacturer was established in 2009 and has a complete quality management system.

Fabric quality inspection

Appearance inspection of the fabric for damage, stains, weaving defects, color difference and other problems.

Quality Assurance

From raw materials to packing, each link is inspected by QC staff to implement quality standards to ensure the excellent quality of products.

Experienced Research And Development

Many outstanding activewear designers have won gold awards in the DongGuan Design Competition.

Experienced R&D department

Experienced sample department
All pattern makers and tailors have more than 20 years of experience in activewear samples. Sample director Ning Feng won the Humen Golden Scissors Award


The required activewear manufacturing equipment is fully equipped, the fixed parking spaces are sufficient, and the monthly output exceeds 50,000PCS

Custom Packing

We can custom hangtag, UPC sticker and packing bags as per your request

6 Times Inspection

Finished products are put in the warehouse, waiting for QC sampling, and then shipped out to the customer’s location


The best wholesale activewear manufacturer in China

Xinfu is one of the best wholesale activewear manufacturers and suppliers in China. It has a factory, covering an area of 3,900 square meters, with more than 100 workers, 10 pattern makers, and more than 10 sales representatives. We provide a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces per design and a reasonable price. Help you create your activewear brand.

Wholesale acitvewear suppliers with a strong sales team

not only from the sales team of wholesale activewear manufacturers but also from the production quality, Xinfu has great advantages, we have 12 years of experience. Our sales team, can not only provide customers with OEM custom services but also can recommend designing styles based on the client’s needs. we have our own research and development team.

We are private label fitness clothing manufacturer

We have an advanced sewing machine, strong production ability, a strict guarantee of products quality, competitive price, and fast delivery time, we can provide a full-service relationship, including sourcing fabric, developing samples, grading sizes(Customizable plus size activewear manufacturers), custom design, color, label, UPC tags, hangtag, printing or embroider a logo, following up order, shipping and after-sales service.

A full range of gym clothing manufacturers

We have a wide range of gym clothing products. To provide all your gym clothing needs, you don’t have to travel back and forth between multiple gym clothing manufacturers. Xinfu is a full range of gym apparel manufacturers. You can choose your favorite style from the catalog. If you have your design, we can design it for you exactly according to your vision. Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss this issue further with you.

Wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers

For modern young people, keeping in shape is an aspect that they pay more and more attention to, and yoga is becoming younger and younger as a result. Many brands have taken notice of this trend and started to design collections of yoga suits. And we wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers for such brands to negotiate the factory.

What do Do Xinfu activewear Manufacturer Customers say?

Xinfu activewear are manufactured in good quality, perfect in shape, and accurate in size. The order volume is large, it seems that the order in full. Fortunately, it is a regular customer, if you just met, you might not be willing to do it, haha. In short, craftsmanship is not afraid of any business. I am very satisfied this time, and I will ask you for help next time. I can rest assured of your craftsmanship.

Karina / United States

I am very satisfied with the processing, and the master has good skills. Good product version ~ very satisfied There was a problem with one piece of damage, the boss readily agreed, and the next batch was reissued. The problem was dealt with very satisfied and praised. The processing speed is fast, and the processing requirements are met, and we will cooperate again.

Brent / Germany

My processing requirements are particularly sophisticated. I found more than 10. Only this owner dared to take the order. I didn’t have to say anything about the craftsmanship. The service attitude is good. I like it. I will continue next time. I wish the owner a prosperous business.

Fryer / Netherlands

The sportswear has an exquisite version, accurate production time, timely communication, and handling of problems, and I can receive the product on time.

Cassie / United States

I have been cooperating for 3 years, and the quality of the products has made me feel at ease. When there is a problem, Kubo can communicate with me in time and help me solve the problem. The industry experience is very professional and it is worth learning from him.

York / United Kingdom

At Xinfu wholesale sportswear, I feel that the price is reasonable, cost-effective, and of good quality. Is my good partner worthy of cooperation.

Viduka / Australia

Choose us, you choose high quality, high quality and high service. We look forward to you contacting us.

Our Vision:

We do not pursue fast, do not pursue low price; we pursue to become the top activewear manufacturer around you. We are based on happy employees to better serve our customers. Our vision is to let customers rest assured of Xinfu activewear, smooth communication, and worry-free after-sales.

Quality Policy:

Always remember that quality is the cornerstone of Xinfu’s survival and the reason for customers to choose Xinfu.

We accurately deliver customer requirements and expectations to the whole value chain of Xinfu, and jointly build quality management system;

We respect the rules and process, do things right at one time, give full play to the potential of our employees, and make continuous improvement;

We cooperate with customers, respond to customers’ needs quickly and realize sustainable development.

Xinfu is committed to providing customers with high-quality activewear, services, and solutions, and continuously letting customers experience that we are committed to creating value for each customer.

What we do for customers:

create value for customers, guarantee product quality and deliver goods on time.

Design and development: Xinfu innovation will move from the innovation 1.0 era of design and sample, product and fashion based on customer demand to the Innovation 2.0 era of theoretical breakthrough and basic technology invention based on vision drive. Provide more complete OEM and ODM services, and provide customized workout apparel for you according to customer requirements.

10% Xinfu insists that more than 10% of its annual sales revenue is invested in design and development.

In 2020, there will be 20 people engaged in design and development, accounting for 20% of the total number of the company

In 2020, the cost of design and development will be 3 million yuan

Over 20 million yuan has been invested in R & D in the past 10 years

By the end of 2020, Xinfu has developed more than 15000 pattern