How to plan your order?

Customize your own activewear. Plan sampling and mass production and when to start.

If you are already late or do not want to plan so early, please use our product catalog. You can order samples for review in less than a week, and then immediately place bulk orders. In this way, the entire process from the first batch of samples to batch products can be completed in less than 10 weeks. If you skip sampling, the total is less than 2 months.

The following plan is for users who seek to develop manually customized products instead of going through our product catalog.

Remember that most activewear products are sold seasonally-this means you need to prepare your products in advance to ensure that people have time to search your store, browse your products, and place orders before the peak season. To prepare your product before the peak season, we have some suggestions to help you plan the process.

Have bulk commodities available at least two months before the peak season

This is critical. Not only does it ensure sufficient inventory, but it also provides you with the time needed to take photoshoots, start marketing campaigns, and prepare to order infrastructure for a large number of customers.

Provide samples at least three months in advance

The products must be sampled at least three months before placing an order, and you expect to receive the products at least two months before the start of the peak season. This means you should sample for at least 5 months. For larger orders, we recommend that you start sampling samples anytime from 6 to 9 to 12 months!

If you are going to make sure that your brand is working well before the peak season, all you have to do is plan, plan, and plan!

Xinfu activewear time

Product catalog sample: 7 days

Custom design samples: 14-21 days

Developing a custom design can be a long process. It is estimated that it will take 2-6 months from the beginning to the completion of the final sample. A longer period applies to multiple/more designs, and if this is your first time developing your design, it will take longer. If this is your first season and you are developing your custom design, we recommend that you start within 9 months before starting mass production of the product. Remember, using our ready design will shorten this process.

The standard delivery time for stock fabrics is 6 weeks, and 4 weeks for fabrics that are not in stock.

The production time starts after paying the deposit and confirming all the design details (including the brand label),

The production cycle is approximately 1-2 months, and the specific time is determined according to the quantity and schedule.

Xinfu wishes you success in your own customize activewear.

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