What are the advantages of Xinfu Activewear Factory?

What are the advantages of Xinfu Activewear Factory?

1.10+ years of experience

Founded in 2009, has more than 10 years of experience in wholesale, custom, and manufacturing of activewear.

2.Experienced research and development

Many outstanding designers, who have won gold awards in the Humen activewear design competition.

3.Pattern maker

Excellent pattern maker, who won the Humen Golden Scissors Award.


The required activewear manufacturing equipment is fully equipped, the fixed parking spaces are sufficient, and the monthly output exceeds 50,000PCS

5.Quality Assurance

From raw materials to packing, each link is inspected by QC staff to implement quality standards to ensure the excellent quality of products.

6. Service team

A professional service team with professional knowledge of clothing and English communication skills. Solve any questions in cooperation for you.

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