Private label activewear manufacturer

We are China’s top sustainable private label activewear wholesale manufacturer with more than 10 years of activewear manufacturing experience.
Our sample team has 20 years of pattern-making experience, From the fabric to the sample we are excellent. Can provide very professional advice in sample development.
We will according to your request provide a quality custom cut and sew clothing manufacturing, woven labels, satin labels, hangtags, and heat pasted labels to add a more private, elegant, and astounding look to your custom activewear line, more suitable fitness enthusiasts.

High quality private label fitness apparel manufacturers

If you do not have an industry-leading private label fitness apparel manufacturers to serve you, then ordering custom fitness clothing may be risky. At Xinfuactivewear, we are known for producing high-quality, comfortable fitness clothing and providing excellent customer service. Give us your own brand order, and you will never have to worry about different colors or sizes or handling poor quality craftsmanship.

A wide range of private label fitness clothing manufacturer services

When you work with Xinfuactivewear own brand fitness clothing manufacturer, we can provide a variety of clothing accessories and label options. We can customize washing labels, hanging labels, plastic bags, etc. There are also some labels that are directly printed on the inside of the clothes, and of course, there is another label. This is a textile label. These can be determined according to your requirements. Regardless of the fitness clothing project or your specific clothing needs, we are confident to create the ideal private label clothing for you. Check our catalog to see the complete list of products and services we offer.