How to judge the quality of activewear?

How to judge the quality of activewear? Tina will tell you today!
activewear should have a good heat dissipation function. During strenuous exercise, the human body mainly relies on sweat evaporation to dissipate heat. If the amount of exercise is large and the temperature is high, the amount of sweat can reach 2 liters per hour. The faster the sweat is removed, the more comfortable the athlete’s body will be. Therefore, activewear should be made of clothing with good dehumidification and moisture absorption properties.
Different seasons have different requirements for activewear. For example, in hot
summer weather, activewear should be light, thin, cool and have good breathability. Winter activewear or sports underwear is better to not hinder sweat and hair. Flannel clothing can be used. activewear worn in the middle layer should be loose and have a lot of air, and the principle of not hindering the evaporation of sweat.
activewear is now not limited to athletes, and it is also inseparable in ordinary families. For athletes, wearing suitable activewear is not only a good protection for the body, but also allows free movement of the limbs, which is beneficial to competition or exercise. Doing various sports is more conducive to getting into the best competitive state. For ordinary people, activewear is comfortable and casual. Can adapt to changes in weather.
The most important thing about activewear is that it has good stretchability. Otherwise, there will be a sense of oppression and tension in the dungeon shisha department.
The elasticity of various clothing materials is different, cotton is 3%-7%, hemp is 1%-4.8%, silk is 17%-21%, viscose is 15%-30%, and wool is 25%-35%. Nylon 16%-42%, polyester is 16%-55%,
In addition, the elasticity of the composition method is also different, and the elasticity of knitted fabric is larger, and the woven fabric is poor. Woven cotton or linen activewear is less stretchable. activewear made of wool, silk, viscose, nylon, and polyester is more flexible and suitable for normal or moderate exercise. The new fiber spandex has good flexibility and elasticity, soft hand feeling and good moisture absorption performance. It is an ideal activewear fabric.
activewear should also pay attention to color. For example, red can stimulate the human body’s potential and increase muscle strength. It also has the health advantage of resisting the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Different colors absorb solar radiant heat in different amounts, so light-colored activewear should be used when exercising outdoors in summer, and dark-colored activewear should be selected in winter. In addition, we must also consider preventing the occurrence of dangerous situations. For example, if the mountaineering clothes are obviously different from the mountain color, it is best to choose a contrasting color.
It has good sweat absorption performance, easy to put on and take off, and it is not easy to tear during exercise. People of different ages will look vigorous as long as they wear suitable and comfortable activewear. How to judge the quality of activewear? Everyone should know by now!

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